Not where to catch the Al Franken Show

Brian Maloney writes regarding the Minneapolis Star Tribine story by Eric Black about Air Ameriscam this morning:

The story ignores our primary point: Franken claimed on the air in August he’d heard about the Gloria Wise payments just a week earlier. We have the transcript.
But he signed the document last November which discusses the Gloria Wise “loan.”
Now he tries to use carelessness as an excuse, while AAR diverts attention to the loan repayment responsibility issue. Radio trade publications, partly dependent on Air America’s advertising, are eating it up.
What kind of attorney doesn’t go over the full details of a legal settlement agreement with the client before recommending a signature? Franken could’ve been signing his life away. Are we really to believe he is that foolish?
And from where did the Strib reporter come to this conclusion: In November, the Cohen group and the Piquant group finalized the takeover with a 61-page document. Franken was not an investor in either group but signed the document to relinquish his own claim for back pay that Cohen’s group owed him.
None of our documentation points to this. In fact, we’re increasingly unsure whether Franken went unpaid during any of this period, contrary to media reports dating to last year.
Signs now point to Franken’s participation relating to other issues, such as his public comments about Cohen in the 2004 Wall Street Journal piece and elsewhere.
Franken may have been included to eliminate potential liability for false public statements that might have been made.

Brian has more on the Star Tribune story here.


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