Palestinians Burn Four Synagogues

Following Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza, the Palestinians wasted no time putting synogogues to the torch. From Israel Insider:

Thousands of triumphant Palestinians poured into abandoned Jewish settlements early Monday, setting empty synagogues on fire and shooting in the air, as the last Israeli soldier rolled out of the Gaza Strip, completing the Israeli pullout from the territory after a 38-year presence.
Palestinian police stood by helplessly as gunmen raised flags of terrorist groups in the settlements and crowds smashed what was left in the ruins or walked off with doors, window frames, toilets, and scrap metal. Initial plans by Palestinian police to bar the crowds from the settlements for the first few hours quickly disintegrated, illustrating the weakness of the Palestinian security forces and concerns about growing chaos after Israel’s departure.
Gaza’s night sky turned orange as fires roared across the settlements. Women ululated, teens set off fireworks and crowds chanted “God is great”.

The photo below is of Palestinians burning the synogogue at Netzarim:


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