A Doctor Reports from the Front

Stan Tillinghast is a retired cardiologist who, when Hurricane Katrina hit, cashed in some miles for a plane ticket to Jackson, Mississippi, rented a car, and started driving until he came to people who needed his help. He started a blog, Dr. Goodheart (he means your heart, not his) to record his experiences.
This is one aspect of what the web is all about: if you want to know what things are like on the Gulf Coast, you can still read and watch the MSM if you want to. But you can also get first-hand information from people who are there, direct and unfiltered. In this case, the information comes from a very smart and extraordinarily good-humored physician. He describes the physical devastation along the Mississippi coast:

[T]he team took me down to the waterfront, where we gaped at the huge, hotel-size casino barges that had been thrown up on shore by the raging waters. One collided with the old Tivoli Hotel (which was just being restored after years of neglect), and knocked off a front corner of the Tivoli. Sad to say, this blow was fatal for the old gal.
Only later did I get more of a feeling of the terrible sense of loss suffered, even by those Biloxians who had not lost their homes in the storm. As Anita Toodle (yes, that IS her name, and don


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