The Korrections

Last night in “The Star Tribune on steroids” I noted the Star Tribune’s appropriation of the tendentious and misleading Katrina timeline from the left-wing Think Progress site without attribution. Yesterday I also drew the attention of the editorial page staff to Krugman’s (online only) most recent Korrection of his ludicrous “Republicans steal elections” column that John deconstructed here in “Krugmania.”
In “Shortcuts” today’s Star Tribune includes the latest Krugman Korrection as well as a statement regarding the Star Tribune’s Katrina timeline that it “should have acknowledged that much of the information came from a more complete version published on” No indication of what Think Progress is, or what its political orientation is, or the fact that much of its timeline is offbase, but it’s a gesture in the right direction. As for the inadequacy of the Krugman Korrection — in which Krugman reiterates yet again the false theme of the column in issue — see Donald Luskin’s “Third time’s not a charm.”


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