Air Ameriscam, continued

While the rest of us were sleeping last night, Brian Maloney (here) and Michelle Malkin (here) were posting their latest installments on the Air Ameriscam scandal. Maloney sets the stage for Michelle’s report:

Why does Air America continue to hide so many crucial details? Is it because the truth blows the lid off of everything they’ve maintained since July?
What’s the real story behind the strange departure of the company’s vice-president of finance?
Why has it taken days of prodding just to get them to confirm it? And why won’t they talk about his continuing company role?
Why aren’t they revealing the full details about his stunning professional background, which includes a long stint as finance director at, of all places, the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club?
So much for their adamant contentions Air America’s current management has no connection to the past.


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