Against the odds, it can be argued that the most impressive Republican and Democrat on the Judiciary Committee during the past three days were, respecively, the Chairman and the Ranking Democrat. Senator Specter ran a tight ship, defended Judge Roberts from abusive questioning by Kennedy and Biden, and used his own effective questioning to promote his (mostly unfortunate) postions.
Senator Leahy (who faced less competition than Specter) maintained a courteous demeanor, demonstrated good knowledge of the topics he raised, and by avoiding grandstanding and rancor allowed the decency behind his (mostly misguided) positions to come through. Listening to Leahy, one could almost remember why liberalism used to have so much appeal to so many.
Leahy voted for Roberts in 2003, when he was before the Committee as an appeals court nominee. Perhaps he will do so again. If so, Roberts likely will have his landslide.
JOHN adds: Yes, I think it may well be a landslide. You can see what way the wind is blowing when the Minneapolis Star Tribune editorializes in favor of Roberts. They’re keeping their powder dry for nominee number two.


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