Dr. Goodheart, I presume

Dr. Stanley Tillinghast is the cardiologist whom John wrote about in “A doctor reports from the front.” When Hurricane Katrina hit, Dr. Tillinghast cashed in some miles for a plane ticket to Jackson, Mississippi, rented a car, and started driving until he came to people who needed his help. He is now writing at Dr. Goodheart (as John explained, he means your heart, not his) to record his experiences. Dr. Tillinghast writes:

I have some new posts up:
1. About the Vietnamese community in Biloxi;
2. About our failed attempts to work with the Red Cross;
3. About the flooded hospital in Bay St. Louis and the Carolina mobile hospital there–why it’s there and not New Orleans;
4. I’m just going to post about the religious Cold War in the Vietnamese community, and how it drives an American to say **** it.


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