Stuck on Stupid, and Not Too Brite

We sometimes get criticized for not linking enough to other peoples’ sites. I can understand that, because we generally concentrate on writing our own stuff and rarely just link to somebody else, like Glenn Reynolds often does, with a “Heh” or whatever. That’s not because we don’t enjoy other peoples’ work; on the contrary. If you check the links on the right sidebar, you can see many of our favorite sites, and we’d encourage you to check out as many of them as you have time for every day. Likewise, if you frequent Power Line News, you’ll see RSS feeds that enable you to keep up with 10 or 11 of our favorite blogs.
But here’s a quick exception, a post that’s really just a couple of links. Our friend Michelle Malkin ripped President Bush today for appointing a young woman named Julie Myers, an able lawyer no doubt, but someone with no apparent qualifications for the job, to head the the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in the Department of Homeland Security. Ms. Myers is no doubt intelligent and charming, but this is an important position. And Myers’ own testimony before a Congressional committee to the effect that she intends to “work with those who are knowledgeable in this area, who know more than I do,” is disqualifying. As Paul wrote a few days ago, while criticizing another Bush appointment, why not the best?.
You probably know about “stuck on stupid” already, but if you haven’t read about General Honore’s encounter with a gaggle of reporters, the best place to go is Duane Patterson’s Radio Blogger. Duane has a transcript of Honore’s press conference–a good example of “speaking truth to power”–as well as Glenn Reynolds’ appearance on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show tonight, discussing the exchange between Honore and a hapless reporter.
So there you have it: links!
UPDATE: Video of General Honore’s press conference is available here and elsewhere on the web.


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