Big For a Dinner Party, Small for a Demonstration

The press dropped Cindy Sheehan like a hot potato when she turned out to be a Stalinist, but now, having discreetly averted their eyes for a while, the MSM are on the case again, with breathless coverage of her “tour” making its way down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. For the most part, however, they failed to mention a key point about Sheehan’s demonstration: its abject failure. Confederate Yankee has the real story:

The AP, Washington Post, and other news sources gleefully mentioned Cindy Sheehan’s march on the White House this afternoon. With the exception of Reuters, however, they were all more than willing to forego this little tidbit of information:

Mrs Sheehan was joined by about 30 supporters in her march down Pennsylvania Avenue to deliver a letter to Bush urging him to pull the troops out of Iraq.

That’s all, folks. I count 29 people. This is her entire protest party. Including Cindy.
After a carefully stage-managed vigil by liberal PR firm Fenton Communications, and a pair of 3-week long national bus tours to drum up support for her cause, “Mother Sheehan” managed to bring with her just this tiny gaggle with her to the gates of the White House.
The organizers backing her show hope to draw “tens of thousands” of fellow protestors this weekend, but if this sad crowd and last night’s turnout of just 150 in New York are any indication, the fledging anti-war movement of Cindy Sheehan is all but dead.

Here they are: Ms. Sheehan and her 28 lonely friends: