Blogging the Counter-Protest

Ed McNamara of Protest Warriors in Chicago has great photos of last night’s demonstration and counter-demonstration at Walter Reed Hospital. A bunch of anti-war demonstrators showed up to protest against wounded soldiers being taken to the hospital; pro-military counter-demonstrators outnumbered them, however, and the anti-military protesters dwindled away as the night went on. I’d guess the returning suldiers were glad to see this contingent:
Ed writes:

I traveled to D.C. from Chicago this weekend as a member of the Defend the White House rally organizers. I’ll be uploading pics and observations over the weekend. Tonight I posted pics of a counter-demonstration outside Walter Reed. Saturday we have a permit for a space at the Navy Memorial (the location a few years back of black-block anarchists rushing past police and raising their own Anarchist flag on the memorial flag pole). Sunday is a very large pro-war event sponsered by family members of servicemen and women, who want to let the world know that Cindy Sheehan does not speak for them.

Keep checking Ed’s site through the weekend.


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