Israel Vows Crushing Response

I don’t suppose anyone was really surprised: Israel completed its pullout of Gaza, and within a few days Hamas launched 39 rockets from Gaza into Israel. Israel has now massed soldiers on the Gaza border, closed the country to Palestinians and vowed a “crushing response” to the Hamas attack.
Let’s hope so. Hamas appears slightly abashed by an explosives accident that killed 15 Palestinians on Friday–premature explosions are a constant threat to the life spans of terrorists–and by Israel’s impending response to the rocket attack. Its leaders vowed to obey the PA’s ban on open displays of weapons:

Hassan Yousef, a Hamas leader, said the group would abide by the ban. “There will be no military parades in the streets and Hamas weapons will go into the shadows,” he said.

For now.
UPDATE, via Power Line News:
An Israeli missile strike killed four Hamas terrorists Saturday afternoon. The PA’s response was predictable, as, regrettably, was the AP’s:

Palestinian Information Minister Nabil Shaath denounced the strike as an “act of criminal aggression” and accused Israel of trying to destroy a truce that largely has held since February.

The truce “largely has held”? A neutral observer might think that by firing 39 rockets into Israel (not to mention various other outrages), it was Hamas that “destroyed the truce.”


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