In the belly of the mini-beast

I’m working at my office in Washington, D.C. today. Across the street, in Dupont Circle, the anti-IMF forces are holding a rally, so I decided to take a break and check it out. I’m not good at estimating crowds, but I’ve seen as many people in the Circle at lunchtime on a nice day. The Circle would easily hold twice as many people as are there now.
UPDATE: The demonstration ended and the crowd began walking down Connecticut Avenue, presumably to join the larger anti-war protest. I walked alongside for two blocks. As one might expect, at least 90 percent of the group looked to be under the age of 30 (you need to be young to realize how evil the IMF is). The crowd was festive, preferring the beat of drummers to protest chants.
FURTHER UPDATE: The main protest must be over. I’m hearing lots of horns honking now. Sort of like after a high school football game.


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