Orin’s scoop

Deborah Orin scoops the competition: “Hillary comes out against Freedom Center.” Orin’s scoop appears to have come from the drastic expedient of asking Ms. Clinton for her position:

“I cannot support the IFC,” Clinton declared last night in a strongly worded statement in response to an inquiry from The Post.

The New York Times is left eating the Post’s dust, bringing up the rear with a lame story it has just posted for tomorrow’s paper: “Freedom Center in doubt.” The Times story hasn’t caught up with Ms. Clinton’s statement yet.
The Post editorializes: “Hillary’s home run.” And our friends at Take Back the Memorial note the progress they are making: “Hillary Clinton comes out against IFC!”
UPDATE: Kevin “Hognose” O’Brien writes that the Times has added Ms. Clinton’s comments to its IFC “advertorial”:

In the NYT “article” on how the poor, suffering IFC is being besieged by philistines of all stripes and descriptions, they’ve inserted the following without noting it as a change: “Last week, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton also said she could not support the center, citing complaints from families of 9/11 victims and first responders.”