Sheehan Arrested at White House

Cindy Sheehan topped off her weekend of media hype by getting herself arrested; she, along with several dozen other anti-American protesters, sat down on the sidewalk and refused to move.
I may be wrong about this, but I don’t think it is wise for Sheehan to go out of her way to cultivate associations between her anti-war protest and similar events in the 1960s. I really don’t think that images of her being carried away by policemen, hobnobbing with Communists, marching with Joan Baez and Jesse Jackson, etc., are helpful to her cause. I think such actions will cause light bulbs to go on in many Americans’ heads as they realize, “Oh, she’s one of those!”
Over the weekend, news photographers generally seemed careful to avoid showing the far-left signs and banners that predominated at the anti-war rallies, but here is an exception. An ANSWER sign is being held by a supporter just behind Sheehan in this picture:
Note the wonderfully indiscriminate demand to bring the troops home: “Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti.” The fact that Ms. Sheehan is just as opposed to the war in Afghanistan as to the one in Iraq is an embarrassment that the media nearly always pass over in silence. It is the simplest proof that we are dealing with fanatics here, not serious people.
And Haiti? What’s that deal? International ANSWSER always seems to be exercised about Haiti. But do we have any troops there? Not last I knew, although the U.N. was trying to persuade us to send some. Then, of course, there is “Palestine.” Obviously, the U.S. has no troops in “Palestine,” so what in the world is it doing on the sign? Nothing, except expressing the anti-Semitism that ANSWER and its promoter Cindy Sheehan can never seem to repress for long.
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