Our man in Washington

Our source at the Republican Senate Conference writes:

Standing up to totalitarian sociopaths: it takes courage, whether you’re in Washington, D.C. or Beijing.
The man in the pictures is a U.S. Marine who recently returned from Iraq. On Saturday, he held up a sign that said “Freedom is Not Free” and marched 50 yards ahead of the 150,000 protesters at the ANSWER rally. At one point, the antiwar protesters got so upset that he was marching ahead of them — and that he was the first person that onlookers saw — that they stopped the whole 150,000 march so that he would get farther ahead of them. But then he stopped too.
Subsequent pictures show him arguing with the mob. He took a bullhorn from one of protesters and started telling them about crimes against humanity committed under the Hussein regime. (Given ANSWER’s overtly Stalinist political orientation, I’m not sure that this line of argument depressed or augmented the mob’s enthusiasm for its cause.)

Above is one of the photos of “our man in Washington” forwarded by our friend at the RSC.


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