The politics of scandal

The only truly informative observations that I have read on the indictment of Tom DeLay are here in Michelle Malkin’s characteristically exhaustive post. Only a fool would view a criminal indictment as anything less than a serious matter, but Ronnie Earle’s track record and the observations collected in Michelle’s post provide ground to believe that the indictment is a beanball of the Texas hardball variety that Earle previously aimed at Kay Bailey Hutchison.
On the other hand, our friend Ed Morrissey provides a superb overview of a scandal that has taken place under the nose of Senator Chuck Schumer: “The man in the mirror.” It is a scandal that involves criminal misconduct of a kind that Senator Schumer himself usually luxuriates in denouncing. Yet Senator Schumer has reacted with a strange new silence, and the MSM, most prominently including the New York Times, have treated the scandal with a silence that is described in the cliche as deafening.


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