“You gave us back our city”

Star Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten introduces readers to Marine Col. Jeff Vold and Lt. Col. James MacVarish to comment on Cindy Sheehan and her friends: “Reservist says protesters are breaking faith.” Kathy writes:

Across Iraq, Americans and Iraqis are working together to reclaim the country from Baathists and terrorists. They are building or refurbishing schools, hospitals, roads and sewer systems. “The battle with the terrorists left Fallujah in rubble,” says Vold. “But every day, people thanked us. ‘We might have to rebuild our house,’ they said, ‘but you gave us back our city.'”
Do the Washington protesters know about these great strides? Vold can’t say. “When I got back from Iraq, I was disappointed — astounded, really — to read the news. The media was saying it’s all a failure, while we saw successes around us every day.”

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