Corrections? What Corrections?

The New York Times’ Public Editor, Byron Calame, is trying to enforce the newspaper’s corrections policy as it relates to editorial columnists, especially far-lefties Frank Rich and Paul Krugman. The Times has a corrections policy; its liberal columnists just don’t want to follow it, and the editorial page editor, Gail Collins, apparently hasn’t tried to make them. As a result, as Calame details, urban legends have been perpetuated in the Times, and clear errors of fact have gone uncorrected.
Calame deserves a lot of credit for his battle to bring accountability to the Times’s op-ed columnists, and if it comes down on his side, the paper will deserve institutional credit, too. But what the Times should really do is fire inept columnists like Krugman and Rich who have no concern for accuracy, and who consider reading left-wing blogs to be adequate research.
Via Ankle Biting Pundits.


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