I, Mom

In the new issue of the Standard out this morning, ABC correspondnent Jonathan Karl has a more nuanced account of the public relations mission of Karen Hughes to Saudi Arabia than my own negative reaction Thursday night accounted for: “Karen of Arabia.”
Yesterday Secretary Rice provided an intellectually serious defense of Bush administration foreign policy in an interesting speech speech at Princeton celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Woodrow Wilson School. Princeton students mounted the obligatory protests. The State Department text of Secretary Rice’s speech unfortunately does not include questions and answers. The AP story carried in the Jerusalem Post includes this comment by Secretary Rice from the questions and answers on what appears to be the Karen Hughes session covered in Karl’s Standard article: “[I]t is really refreshing to me to see women in the Middle East speaking with that kind of fervor and expressing themselves and saying all kinds of things from a wide variety of perspectives.” (Tigerhawk has more here.) That’s diplomacy, folks.


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