Every once in a while, I read something so good it makes me jealous–all I can say is, I wish I’d done it. Here is an example; Zombie Time examines a photograph that appeared on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle, and thus was seen by many thousands of people. The photo is of an African-American teenager who participated in a San Francisco anti-war rally:
She is wearing a bandana that says, “People of Color Say No to War,” a sentiment with which the Chronicle agrees. Here is how the Chronicle captioned the photo:

Jasmine Williams, 17, a student with the leadership group Youth Together, joins the Iraq war protest in San Francisco.

There is, however, much more to the photograph and the “leadership group” that the Chronicle didn’t choose to show. Fortunately, Zombie Time was there to bring us the rest of the story. Check it out.
Via InstaPundit.
PAUL adds: Please do check it out. This may be the year’s most awesome bit of blogging
CORRECTION: I misread Zoombie’s account; the photo was on the front of the Chronicle’s web site, not its printed paper.


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