The Deacon factor

Here’s a clarification for those who watched Bill O’Reilly’s excellent segment on left-wing smear-bloggers this evening. At one point, O’Reilly stated that a number of potential guests wouldn’t do the segment with him due to fear of being harassed by leftist bloggers and their minions. And earlier today I said that I wasn’t going to appear on the show as originally planned, due to a “change of direction” in the segment.
I wasn’t one of those who turned down the appearance. I was rejected after an amicable interview with the producer. During the interview, I stated that many left-wing blogs I’ve read are deplorable and that I would be happy to describe on the air some of the harassment (e.g., obscene phone calls) we’ve been subjected to as a result of their smear campaigns. I also stated that I don’t regard the smear blogs as particularly dangerous because they aren’t taken seriously. Based on the interview, the show decided to use someone else (David Kline who turned out to be very informative) — a perfectly legitimate decision on its part.
Ian Schwartz has the video of the O’Reilly segment.


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