Arnold Resurgent?

Last summer, I spoke at an event at which Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also talked. He was in the midst of doing battle with the Democrats in California’s legislature and, above all, with the public employee unions, who were spending large amounts of money on advertising. At that time many were saying that his “reform” agenda, embodied in five propositions that will be on the ballot in November, was in deep trouble. Arnold expressed confidence and said that in his bodybuilder days, what he and his competitors most feared was peaking too soon. He argued that his opponents had peaked, and by November the voters would support his reform proposals.
In polling released Tuesday by Survey USA, the five proositions are all leading comfortably with likely voters–one by eleven points, the other four by at least twenty.
The survey only included a little over 500 likely voters on each issue, and there is plenty of time for voter sentiment to change. Still, a month out from the election, Arnold’s bet is looking pretty good.
UPDATE: Bill Whalen has more in the Weekly Standard.


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