The Oklahoma Bomber

One story we just haven’t had time to catch up with is the suicide bomber who blew himself up, probably prematurely, outside the football stadium at the University of Oklahoma. I don’t think there is any doubt that the student, Joel Henry Hinrichs, intended mass murder rather than suicide. The Norman Transcript reports:

The FBI has not announced details about the bomb, but Channel 5 News reported Tuesday night that Hinrichs’ bomb contained acetone peroxide, or TATP. The highly unstable chemical can be made from household items, but it is very sensitive to heat and shock.
Law enforcement found more bomb-making materials Sunday at Hinrichs’ residence at the Parkview Apartments, and they were detonated that evening. Earlier last week, Hinrichs tried to buy ammonium nitrate fertilizer from Ellison Feed and Seed in east Norman.
Dustin Ellison said the student visited his store last Wednesday and asked to buy the fertilizing ingredient often used in bombs. Ellison said Hinrichs didn’t know how much he needed, and the store operator asked why the fertilizer was needed. After further discussion, Ellison said “something didn’t feel right” and decided not to sell any materials to him.

It has been reported that Hinrichs had one or more roommates from Pakistan, and there are conflicting reports about whether Hinrichs himself had converted to Islam. The Jawa Report has a roundup of the latest information, which includes rumors and conflicting reports. Craige McMillan has commentary in World Net Daily.
PAUL adds: Our friend Mark Tapscott has been all over this story.


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