The Deacon factor, Part Two

I’ve received lots of positive feedback about my appearance on the O’Reilly Factor yesterday. However, there is some controversy about my non-appearance the night before. Media Matters, assorted other left-wing bloggers, and David Kline (who appeared in my place) are claiming that O’Reilly misrepresented things when he said he had trouble finding people to come on and criticize leftist bloggers due to fear. They are citing the fact that I was willing to appear, but the show decided not to invite me. However, the fact that the show turned me down doesn’t mean that others didn’t turn the show down for the reason stated by O’Reilly. I don’t assume that I was the first person the producers called, and I clearly wasn’t the last.
One other point. David Kline says he was ambushed by O’Reilly. He says the producers assured him that the show wouldn’t be an attack on left-wing bloggers. I can’t speak to what happened to Kline. However, the producers were completely up-front with me. They told me precisely where O’Reilly planned to take the show. And they were equally candid yesterday.


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