Good night and good company

Last night we previewed “Good Night, and Good Luck,” the new George Clooney film about Edward R. Murrow’s “See It Now” encounter with Joseph McCarthy, at a screening we shared with premium subscribers to Salon at the Loew’s Orpheum on the upper east side of Manhattan. Thanks to Fonda Berosini of Warner Brothers Online for her efforts in making the arrangements for us, and to Kerry Lauerman of Salon for his hospitality at the event.
Our incredibly warm and gracious readers who attended the screening braved the difficult traffic conditions created by the security alert that had been announced late in the afternoon. Many have written messages this morning expressing gratitude. All I can say is that the feeling is mutual.
I had the great good fortune of watching the film seated next to Seth Lipsky, editor of the New York Sun. Seth is one of my journalistic heroes. As founding editor of the English-language weekly version of the Forward, he showed how the American Jewish community and the issues of concern to it could and should be covered. As founding editor of the Sun, for the past three years he has led the daily newspaper that sets the example of enterprising journalism and outstanding cultural coverage for the New York Times, in the event that the Times ever seeks to mend its ways. Seth has kindly emailed us James Bowman’s excellent review of the film from this morning’s Sun, “Clooney’s misguided search for ‘the truth'” (subscription required). Bowman writes:

Why I should have expected anything other than an exercise in media triumphalism from


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