Hot Talk

So far as we are aware there are no better local talk radio shows in the country than Jim Vicevich’s Sound Off Connecticut on WTIC in Hartford and Scott Hennen’s Hot Talk on WDAY in Fargo.
Scott is supportive of President Bush’s nomination of Harriet Miers based on his faith in the president; he managed to round up both Alberto Gonzales and Dan Coats for interviews supporting Miers this week. I can’t find any permalinks on Scott’s site, but he has posted transcripts of the interviews. Check ’em out.
UPDATE: Scott Hennen has kindly emailed me the permalinks to the Gonzales interview (here) and the Coats interview (here). Scott comments:

The Coats shot at the current SCOTUS members in my interview with him, combined with the Today interview do suggest the folks at 1600 are slightly off their game on this one. But I’m confident that the President selected the woman he knew best, will be viewed to be supremely qualified, when the dust settles. And he will have fufilled his pledge.


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