A vote to confirm

The Standard has posted John’s column in support of the Miers nomination: “The long game.” On a related note, Danny Glover takes a look at the impact of the conservative side of the blogosphere on the debate over the Miers nomination in his National Journal Beltway Blogroll column : “A back seat for bloggers.”

The Miers nomination has divided John, Paul and me two-and-a-half or three ways. That must be why it’s getting a little uncomfortable here in the back seat.

JOHN adds: It tells you something, I guess, when I am classified as a “supporter” of the Miers nomination. My view is that it was a disappointment and a mistake, but that Senators who must vote on the nomination should vote to confirm, consistent with the Republicans’ historic position that nominating judges is the President’s prerogative, and if they are qualified and not in left field philosophically, they should be confirmed. I would hope that somewhere out there, there is a more enthusiastic supporter of Miers than me.

PAUL adds: I know what John means. I’ve been held out on radio talk shows as a Miers supporter, even after carefully explaining my position — basically the same as John’s — to the producer. It doesn’t bother me because I get the opportunity to explain exactly where I’m coming from. But perhaps it should bother Miers’ real supporters.


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