Americans for Better Justice

A group of conservatives has formed an organization called Americans for Better Justice for the purpose of opposing the nomination of Harriet Miers. The advisory board includes David Frum, Mona Charen, and Linda Chavez. There’s also a list of recommended blogs. We didn’t make it, presumably because not all of us oppose this nomination.

John and I agree that, as things stand now, conservative Senators should not vote against Miers. On the current record, she appears to be a qualified center-right nominee. As such, the president has the right, under all prior serious thinking of which I’m aware, to have her confirmed.

At the same time, those who believe that Miers is not highly qualified and not demonstrably conservative (or orignialist, or non-activist, or whatever) are well within their rights in calling for the president to withdraw the nomination and substitute someone better. Depending on how the hearings go, I might join in that call. But unless the hearings (or other events) reveal her to be unqualified or a closet extreme liberal, I don’t think a “no” vote by conservative Senators will be justified.


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