Hanging tough

Stan Brown at Two Minute Offense doesn’t see President Bush withdrawing the Miers nomination. I agree to this extent — things would have to get much uglier than they are now before Bush would be likely to consider bailing on Miers. If Miers decided that she genuinely wanted out, that would be different.

Stan also speculates that pulling the plug on Miers would not be politically advantageous to the president. In my view, this nomination won’t have much lasting political significance for Bush or the party one way or the other. Bush’s standing will be determined by other concerns such as events in Iraq, the price of gasoline, and the employment picture. Only a very small part of Bush’s base will hold this nomination against him and (if Miers is confirmed) the Republican party in any consequential way. And this group will do so only if Miers is confirmed and starts judging like Kennedy, O’Connor, or (God help us) Souter.


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