Meet Jim Vicevich

John and I have frequently appeared on Jim Vicevich’s Sound Off Connecticut talk radio show on WTIC in Hartford over the past year. We’ve become big fans of the show because of Jim’s eye for stories and his ability to communicate their substance. We had no idea, however, that Jim has tranformed WTIC into the second most dominant station in the Hartford market, earning market shares rivaling those of Rush Limbaugh, whose syndicated show runs after Vicevich signs off at noon. Thanks to a kind reader, we have been alerted to the Hartford Courant’s terrific profile of Jim this past Sunday: “The accidental conservative.”

UPDATE: Reader Nils Dahl writes:

You should be aware that the Hartford Courant, oldest continuously publishing newspaper in the USA, is staffed entirely by rabid flesh eating liberal wackos who worship daily at their altar statues of Kennedy, Kerry, and Dean. The article about Jimmy is carefully crafted to provide a liberal’s notions of him. It is almost as biased as the op/eds that the Courant is so famous for. Being a regular email correspondent with Jimmy, I just want to warn you to take that article with a dumpster load of salt – or two. Maybe three. On the other hand, for pure fiction I heartily recommend the New York Times.


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