Under Construction

Some of you have noticed that since yesterday, the Power Line News site has been intermittently unavailable, or loading incompletely. This is due, I think, to behind-the-scenes work that is being done on the site. We are in the process of adding a news video capability, which should be a fun enhancement. The site will feature videos relating to sports and entertainment as well as news, and we’ll be adding unique content in the very near future. We are also revamping the breaking news feed. We expect this work to be done within the next 24 hours, so watch for the new, improved Power Line News site, featuring news video.

UPDATE: Turns out I was jumping to conclusions, and the real cause of the disruption of the news site over the last couple of days was Hurricane Wilma. It is under construction, however, and news video should debut a-n-y day now.


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