A pox on both their houses

It’s rather amusing to watch the MSM wage war against its own over events relating to the Fitzgerald investigation. I feel the way the left must briefly have felt when Harriet Miers was a Supreme Court nominee. The Judy Miller affair had a sad side to it as well, I thought, but the Woodward dust-up provides pure enjoyment so far.

Woodward clearly is not a responsible journalist, and probably never has been. But it’s unlikely that his antagonists at the Post care very much about that. More likely, they are animated in part by jealousy, and in part by the fact that Woodward (who actually knows something about intelligence) recognizes that the underlying Plame “outing” story is inconsequential. They also don’t like the fact that, so far, Woodward’s evidence is viewed by some as hurting Fitzgerald’s case against Scooter Libby.

Woodward’s basic argument that Fitzgerald pushed the Plame case too hard represents the position taken by the MSM in court briefs at the time reporters were facing prison sentences for not cooperating. But the MSM has abandoned that view, and many of its members now deplore Woodward, in part, for not having “moved on” as well.


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