Scott was on CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning, talking about Rathergate. He followed the appalling Mary Mapes. Scott will no doubt report soon, but in the meantime, Hugh Hewitt watched the show and has reported his impressions.

Ms. Mapes told Howard Kurtz that having the authenticity of the Bill Burkett documents questioned by us and others was “terrifying.” In a sense, I can believe her. She took a huge risk in hopes of helping to elect John Kerry President. She must have known that the documents were fakes, and she knew the story she was trying to sell was false in its essentials. Among other things, as the Thornburgh Report noted, she knew that President Bush had not received preferential treatment to get into the National Guard. So she must have been holding her breath, wondering whether she was going to get away with her gamble. No doubt it was terrifying to realize that her fraud was unravelling, and her career as a journalist was going down the drain.


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