Back to the scene of the crime

Michelle Malkin returns to the scene of the crime she revealed on her site last week: “All the news thats fit to omit.” To the outrageous story regarding the death of Cpl. Jeffrey Starr that Michelle wrote about on her site, she adds a Times reader’s email exchange with reporter James Dao. Not pretty. Michelle concludes by asking:

Will the Times correct Dao’s grave sin of omission and apologize? Or will the paper just hope you shrug and look the other way?

I hate to express the fatalism that the Times falsely attributed to the gallant Cpl. Starr, but I think we have a good idea what the answers to those questions are. Here is one of today’s Times corrections:

A front-page article yesterday about the selection of Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. as an associate justice on the Supreme Court misstated the position he held in the Justice Department during the Reagan administration. He was a deputy assistant attorney general, not deputy attorney general.

As Michelle’s column demonstrates, only a fool would conclude that, apart from its corrections, the Times got its stories — or even the most important parts of its stories — right.


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