Bigger and better things

Time Magazine’s Lev Grossman, who profiled the three Powerliners last December, reviews a new biography of the Beatles by Bob Spitz. Other than Ringo, the Fab Four apparently don’t come off too well:

Lennon was a drug-addled, attention-hungry rageoholic who picked fights and cheated on his wife; Paul McCartney was a smarmy, manipulative charmer; and George Harrison was dour and sour.

On the plus side, McCartney and Harrison were Everton supporters, or so we Evertonians like to claim (that might help explain why Harrision was dour and sour). In addition, these guys were, what, in their 20s and living an almost unimaginably surreal life when they committed most of the misdeeds and affronts Spitz describes. For all but voyeurs, I would think that time with Beatles is best spent listening to their music.

Speaking of youngsters in a fishbowl, Grossman also has a nice piece about the life of the kids who star in the Harry Potter movies.

Hat tip: Emily Mirengoff


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