Bob Woodward testifies

Those of us who feel that we have not begun to get to the bottom of the Wilson/Plame affair will have to chew over today’s Washington Post story by Jim VandeHei and Carol Leonig: “Woodward was told of Plame more than two years ago.”

The article reports that Bob Woodward was told that Wilson’s (unnamed) wife worked at the CIA by “a senior administration official” in June 2003, before Lewis Libby allegedly told others. Woodward has identified the official in testimony to Fitzgerald, but the official has not authorized Woodward to identify him publicly. Woodward testified that he did not believe the information regarding Plame was classified or senstitive

I’ll be looking for Tom Maguire at Just One Minute to read the tea leaves served up here.

UPDATE: Maguire weighs in. Writing at Michelle Malkin, Betsy Newmark notes a point I had meant to emphasize: “Woodward doesn’t think that he mentioned this in June when he talked to Libby but he may have since his notes indicate that it was one of the things that he was planning to ask Libby about.” Betsy also directs readers to this round-up at Decision ’08. See also Bulldog’s cautionary post at AnkleBitingPundits.


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