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I spent the day in Texas today, participating in a Federalist Society program on the Kelo decision. It was an excellent event; as usual, far above the customary level at which such issues are discussed, and a model of civility.

On the airplane returning home, I finished Michelle Malkin’s new book, Unhinged. I’d looked forward to reading the book, expecting an entertaining reprise of the liberal follies of the last year or two. And the book is that; its wonderful cover art captures the book’s seriocomic tone.

But as I read Unhinged, I gradually realized that it is much more. It is, in fact, a valuable historical document. Michelle has performed an important service in bringing together and documenting some of the shamefully under-covered stories of the last two years. For example, we knew (and our readers knew) about many of the acts of violence perpetrated by Democrats against Republicans in the 2004 campaign. Michelle has now assembled them all, including a couple I’d been unaware of, and preserved them for posterity. They didn’t get covered last year, and they aren’t getting covered now; but, who knows? Perhaps, many years from now, historians will want to learn the real story of last year’s Presidential campaign. They’ll have Unhinged to guide them.

Or, to take just one more of many examples, there is the assassination theme. The mainstream media have studiously avoided taking note of the widespread yearning for the assassination of President Bush that has been expressed on Air America, in “art,” by show business personalities, and so on. Oh, yeah, don’t forget the New York Times op-ed section. You’ll never hear about this unless you read sites like this one and Michelle’s, but, once again, Unhinged will now preserve, like the Samizdata of the crumbling Communist empire, the real story that the official news organs of the day preferred not to print. So: buy it! The cover art below will take you straight to Amazon:



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