Joseph Wilson: The evidence

In his Los Angeles Times column today, Max Boot finds that Joseph Wilson has retailed more whoppers than Burger King: “Plamegate’s real liar.” Boot’s column reiterates the basic problems with Wilson’s story exposed by the Senate Intelligence Committee Report. It really is past time for the MSM to quit talking about the administration seeking to “punish” Wilson by “outing” his wife.

At the Daily Standard, Thomas Joscelyn focuses on Sunday’s 60 Minutes profile of Wilson: “Joe Wilson’s 60 Minutes.” Joscelyn not only straightens out the crooked story line peddled by Wilson and his MSM friends, but also highlights a few of the troubling CIA elements in the straight story line. Joscelyn highlights these elements in the form of open questions; the answers, my friend, are blowing in the wind.

Yesterday Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit revisted Wilson’s June 2003 speech to the Education for Peace in Iraq Center: “Before Novak, the Joe Wilson speech that made clear his agenda.” In addition to noting the themes of the speech, Hoft’s post usefully collects comments on this important primary document and related issues. It strikes me that Wilson and Cindy Sheehan would have a lot to talk about.


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