Justice delayed

The always excellent Clifford May commends Rep. Murtha for sparking an honest debate over our policy in Iraq, rather than skirting the hard questions by invoking the “Bush lied” lie. May then proceeds to demonstrate why, at every level, Murtha’s cut and run proposal would have disastrous consequences.

In passing, May alludes to a point that has not sufficiently been stressed — the need to finish with Saddam Hussein. It’s now two years since we captured him, and nothing has happened. The Shiites who fear him must be wondering what we’re waiting for. Some may even wonder whether he will return to power. Meanwhile, the Baathists can claim reason to hope for such a return. The terrorists seem to recognize the importance of this matter — by killing off the members of Saddam’s defense team, they are delaying the proceedings.

It was probably reasonable not to try Saddam until an elected Iraqi government was in place. But now it’s time to get on with it.


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