Let’s go to the tape

Many readers have written commenting on our post on Chris Matthews’s recent talk in Toronto and his message to us (and others) last night. In his message Matthews advised us to track down the students in Toronto — I suppose that would necessarily be one at a time, following his brilliant strategy for the war — who invited him to speak. I don’t know any students at the University of Toronto, and he didn’t identify any who might be of assistance.

In any event, I know from the last time I saw his program, when he had my favorite Democrat on as his guest during the 2004 Republican convention in New York, that Matthews talks fast, and he plays fast and loose with the truth. See part 17 of my long-running series on Senator Miller. I should think Matthews could have a transcript of his talk prepared if he wanted to set the record straight.

Pending such a transcript, we can review the transcript painstakingly prepared by Ace O’Spades of Matthews speaking to similar effect on his show last year: “Update on Matthews: He meant what we thought he did…”


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