Never despair

The last time the New York Sun employed a variation of today’s editorial heading — “Bush is back” — I observed that the headline echoed the signal that the Admiralty sent out to the British fleet in 1939 upon Churchill’s resumption of duties as First Lord: “Winston’s back.” Sun editor Seth Lipsky subsequently explained that the heading simply reflected his affection for alliteration.

Today’s editorial ruminates on the president’s nomination of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court and concludes: “Perhaps this marks a return to the courage Americans voted for when they returned President Bush to office.” Churchill’s admonition in his last major speech in the House of Commons seems appropriate even if the editorial heading does not allude to Churchill: “[N]ever flinch, never weary, never despair.”

John Podhoretz provides ground for supporting the Churchillian spirit on Judge Alito’s confirmation in Podhoretz’s New York Post column today: “‘All-out war? No chance.” I love his conclusion: “Barring some shocking revelation, Alito is in by Christmas. Chuck Schumer, however, will have to wait until next Yom Kippur to seek atonement for the sin he committed yesterday.”


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