Rescorla’s ripples

Lietenant Colonel Kent Schlichter writes regarding “A day to be proud”:

There is a link between Rick Rescorla and one of your recent Iraq correspondents that you should know about.

A few days ago, Powerline quoted my friend Lt. Col. John Kanely, who wrote from Iraq talking about the real situation there [in the update to “A message from Tikrit”]. John and I served together in the 40th Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade for several years. Our commander during much of that time was then-COL Ron Flynn, now retired. COL Flynn (later promoted to Brigadier General in California) was a lieutenant in the 1st Cav in Vietnam. He took over Rick Rescorla’s platoon after Rescorla rotated out. Brig. Gen. Flynn never met Rescorla, but he credits the training Rescorla gave the platoon with helping to save the green young lieutenant’s life in combat.

Rescorla’s NCOs trained Ron Flynn and made him a great officer. In fact, it’s not too much of a stretch to call him a legend in the California Army National Guard. Rescorla’s influence continues even today, as the training Brig. Gen. Flynn gave John Kanely and me during our time in the 1st Brigade, 40th Infantry Division, is, in turn, today influencing how we train and lead our Soldiers as we operate in Iraq, or in my case, in Kosovo.

Thanks for reminding your readers of a great American Soldier whose profound influence is still being felt – and is still inspiring American Soldiers – today in the War on Terror around the world.

Kurt A. Schlichter
Lieutenant Colonel, Infantry
United States Army
Kosovo Force 6B (Multi-National Brigade East)


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