Sixty years of Commentary

John, Paul and I owe a debt to Commentary magazine and its great long-time editor (now editor at large) Norman Podhoretz. As we reflected this past March in “Learning from Mr. Podhoretz,” Commentary and Podhoretz were instrumental in moving all three of us solidly into the conservative camp, though as a college student I had a special assist from taking every literature course taught by National Review senior editor Professor Jeffrey Hart.

With this month’s issue Commentary celebrates is sixtieth anniversary. Davi Bernstein writes from Commentary:

To commemorate COMMENTARY’s 60th anniversary, and in an effort to advance discussion of the present American position in the world, the editors asked a group of thinkers to comment on the Bush administration’s conduct of foreign policy. They include William F. Buckley, Jr., Eliot A. Cohen, Niall Ferguson, Francis Fukuyama, Victor Davis Hanson, Paul Johnson, Robert Kagan, William Kristol, Richard Lowry, John O’Sullivan, Richard Perle, Norman Podhoretz, and Natan Sharansky. The responses, 36 in all, appear under the heading “Defending and advancing freedom.”

Commentary has also placed online from its current issue the timely review of Ronald and Allis Radosh’s excellent Red Star Over Hollywood: The Film Colony’s Long Romance With the Left by Mark Falcoff. Falcoff’s review is “Behind the blacklist.” Enjoy!


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