Speaking of Zarqawi

There’s another report that he may be dead:

The Elaph Arab media website reported on Sunday that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the head of the al-Qaida in Iraq terror group, may have been killed in Iraq on Sunday afternoon when eight terrorists blew themselves up in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

The unconfirmed report claimed that the explosions occurred while coalition forces surrounded the house in which al-Zarqawi was hiding. American and Iraqi forces are looking into the report.

Fox News reported just minutes ago that the report has not been confirmed. Given how many times Zarqawi has already been rumored to be dead, and how many narrow escapes he’s survived, I’m inclined to doubt it. The larger point, however, is that this is one more in a long series of successes against the terrorists: eight more of them have bitten the dust, probably based on intelligence received from the local population. If Zarqawi was among them, great; either way, it’s good news.

Via InstaPundit.