The Democratic Divide

It was a light posting weekend for me. Saturday was devoted to a high school debate tournament. It doesn’t get much better than driving home with your daughter who has won first place, and with two new debaters you helped train who have won first and second place novice awards.

Sunday was devoted to finishing my Daily Standard piece and to catching up on work. The Standard has now posted the piece. It notes that most elected Democrats fall into one of two categories — those who don’t wish to wage an agressive war against Islamofascist terrorists but vote for war anyway, and those who don’t wish to wage such a war and who vote their conscience. The patriotism of the second group should not be questioned. But what are we to make of those who voted for a war they didn’t believe in for the purpose of promoting their political career, and then, when the going gets tough, refuse to take responsibility for their vote?


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