The next worst thing to a death wish

It would be speaking too strongly to claim that the French and like-minded inhabitants of other continental European countries have a death wish. They simply lack the clarity and the strength of character to protect themselves, and to ensure the survival of their society and culture. The same thing may well be true of Great Britian where yesterday the House of Commons rejected Tony Blair’s call to allow police to detain terror suspects for up to 90 days without charging them. The politicians, calling on their expertise in dealing with terrorism (or more likely their sense of just how much to humiliate Tony Blair), decided that the magic number is 28 days.

What about the United States? The pro-terrorist rights wing of our Senate is picking up steam, and our Supreme Court can never be counted on to resist European trends.

A society that errs on the side of protecting people who are out to destroy it may not have a death wish, but it’s got the next worst thing which, in consequential terms, may be just as bad.


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