The Usual Suspects, This Time In Argentina

President Bush is in Argentina for the Fourth Summit of the Americas. Rioters showed up, and the MSM line is that they are protesting “President Bush’s presence” at the summit. In fact, though, they are largely the same goofballs that show up wherever people meet to talk about free trade. The Associated Press reports:

The violence reflected the often violent, worldwide debate on free trade as the United States and Mexico pushed to relaunch talks on creating a free trade area stretching from Canada to Chile. Past summits on free trade — including last year’s summit of Asian-Pacific leaders in Chile — have drawn bitter opposition and similar angry protests.

The protesters are, in effect, pro-poverty. Here they are:


A rational person, of course, would wonder what “stopping Bush” has to do with kicking in a plate glass window. Here’s another:


And, of course, we have the ever-popular mass murderer, Che Guevara:


These people presumably would be embarrassed to carry around a picture of Ted Bundy, but for some reason they think Guevara is OK.

The most vociferous opponent of hemispheric free trade is, of course, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. But there are other leftist leaders, in Argentina, Brazil, and a couple of other South American countries. It was reported today that the free trade agreement may go forward without them. If they really think that a self-imposed blockade is good public policy, they won’t mind. Somehow, though, I doubt that these officials are as dumb as the pro-poverty protesters now garnering headlines in Argentina.

UPDATE: The New York Times isn’t fooled–it’s all about Karl Rove! This is one of the dumbest news stories I’ve read in a long time. The Times adopts the point of view of the “populist” Hugo Chavez. Pathetic.


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