Unsuccessful Suicide Bomber Speaks

Al Qaeda of Iraq issued a statement claiming responsibility for the mass murders carried out last week in Amman, Jordan. In passing, they mentioned that the bombings featured the first-ever husband and wife team. Maybe they didn’t realize that the female half of the team was still alive and had escaped, or maybe they just didn’t care–after all, she was supposed to be dead anyway. But their boast tipped off the Jordanian authorities, who tracked down and arrested the woman, Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi. They interviewed her on Jordanian television; USA Today has an interesting report.

Possibly she doesn’t know much, and maybe we capture people associated with al Qaeda in Iraq often. But I would think that her account will provide valuable insight into that group’s operations.

It’s a remarkable fact that Zaraqwi has not yet been captured, given how many of his close aides have been killed or captured (Mrs. al-Rishawi’s brother, described as Zarqawi’s right-hand man, was killed in Fallujah.) But I have to think that his days are numbered, given the pretty much universal outrage his psychopathic crimes have generated in Iraq and around the Middle East. Reportedly, even other elements of the Sunni “insurgency” would like for him to be caught, because he has generated so much bad publicity.

Via Power Line News.

UPDATE: Austin Bay comments on the significance of Jordan’s exposure of the failed suicide bomber.