War rooms past and present

This morning I spent a very enjoyable hour talking with George Stephanopoulos and Markos (of the Daily Kos) about blogging and the media. ABC is putting together a documentary about the American political landscape that will include a treatment of blogging (assuming we don’t get left on the cutting room floor). The project originally belonged to Peter Jennings, and my wife will be very disappointed that I missed out on the possibility of being interviewed by her favorite media star. However, I was delighted to work with Stephanopoulos, a Power Line (and Daily Kos) reader it turns out, who asked excellent questions.

During a break, Stephanopoulos mentioned how difficult he thought it would be for him to blog. This surprised me since he was a key part of the famous Clinton “war room” that during the 1992 campaign produced hard-hitting responses to breaking developments on short notice, which is the essence of blogging. He demurred that, although he was fast by the standards of 15 years ago, he doubts that he could keep up now. I suspect that Stephanopoulos actually would be an outstanding blogger, but it was still nice to hear a legendary “rapid responder” express his awe at the speed of the blogosphere


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