While We’re At It, How About the Unclassified Ones?

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Peter Hoekstra and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts are asking the administration to declassify 35,000 boxes of documents maintained by Saddam Hussein’s regime so that they can be translated and analyzed using non-governmental resources.

The documents are currently housed in Qatar, and it appears that due to a shortage of linguists, they never will be translated. In all probability, they contain valuable information about Saddam’s relations with terrorist groups and his efforts to develop weapons of mass destruction. If the administration doesn’t care enough to read them, maybe someone else will.

Of course, as Stephen Hayes has repeatedly pointed out, he can’t even get the Defense Department to turn over unclassified documents that have been translated, and that appear to bear on Saddam’s illicit activities. Wouldn’t that be an easy place to start?


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